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HUNT- The Story Inn

Sunday (July 27th) we packed up, and drove up to Nashville, IN. (Just east of Bloomington, In., in Brown County.) There we stayed at the Haunted Story Inn. I HIGHLY recommend it if you want a little out-of-the-way bed-and-breakfast, but still near enough to drive for all kinds of shopping and Brown County activities. They have kept all of the exterior 'old-tyme' decor, but the interior accommodations are excellent! They also have a famous 5-star restaurant on the ground floor. I know it doesn't look like it from the outside, but this is "fine dining" at some of it's best. We had scallops the size of hockey pucks! Most of the food they serve (except for the seafood and tropical fruits) are either grown in their own huge botanical gardens out back, or bought locally- INCLUDING the bison and chicken eggs!

As for being haunted- Kim and I stayed in the "Blue Lady" room, supposedly the room with the most activity from several of the ghosts in the area. Honestly, we didn't get bad feelings, nor did we see anything (altho the camera did- pics below) the entire time- HOWEVER, something strange did happen on our second day. We came back from an early dinner in Nashville, and decided to take a nap before we woke up and tried to contact the "Blue Lady" to see if anything would happen. Suddenly, a loud CLICK-CLACK came from inside our room while we were napping on the bed- it startled both of us awake. For the next half-hour I went around the room, rapping and dropping items to try and reproduce the sound we heard. Finally I hit on it- In the room, there is an old vanity with a huge mirror on it. The vanity has a glass top to it. On the glass top (for decor) they have an old time silver hairbrush and hand mirror set lying there. When i picked up the hairbrush and dropped it back on the glass from the height of about a half-inch, i got the exact noise we heard! (Interestingly the hand mirror when dropped made a different sound). I shook the vanity to see if it was wobbly, but no- it was very sturdy. The glass top itself wasn't loose either. I even tried jumping on the floor near it- but nothing happened. Only when I picked up the hairbrush about a half- inch and dropped it did I get the sound. Nashville was beautiful, and it was fun shopping and all, but the haunted Story Inn is what I'll remember most!

The following sequence of pictures was taken by myself- NO flash, and the camera was set on a tabletop to minimise movement. As for what the black mass is- I cant explain. I didn't see anything with my naked eyes, but at the time i 'felt' something in the room- that's why i started taking the pics. Let me know what you think...